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               We are proud of parents whose sons become AGR's. We want you to be proud of your son's Fraternity. As you read about Alpha Gamma Rho on our web site, we hope you will say, "I'm glad my son is a member of Alpha Gamma Rho!"


               Alpha Gamma Rho members would not be the outstanding men they are today if it wasn't for the excellent parenting that brought them to this point. That's why it's important to stay involved in your son's choices and experiences and give him the encouragement you've already given. Alpha Gamma Rho values the input and the involvement by you, our Alpha Gamma Rho parents.


               Alpha Gamma Rho has undertaken a serious approach to fraternity life today with the Brotherhood Program, designed "to strengthen the individual, the Fraternity and the host academic institution through a lifelong commitment to intellectual excellence, high standards of moral conduct and responsible citizenship."


              With the numerous leadership opportunities available to your son, it is no wonder that fraternity members tend to graduate from college at a higher rate than those men not involved in fraternities.

              We invite you to become involved in with your son as he and his Alpha Gamma Rho brothers strive to live up to the Alpha Gamma Rho principles. We invite you, as a parent of our member, to become active in your son's Alpha Gamma Rho experience.


               Also, the Educational Foundation of Alpha Gamma Rho offers annual scholarships and numerous Alpha Gamma Rho brothers and friends donated to our essential educational and leadership programs this past year, all of which were created to enhance the undergraduate experience.


               If you have any questions concerning your son's chapter, please contact the Chapter's Noble Ruler via the contact information on this website.


    You may also contact the Alpha Gamma Rho Administrative Office at 816-891-9200, Monday-Friday, 8:30 a.m.-5:00 p.m. The Administrative Office is interested in hearing from you, and please contact us with suggestions of items you would like to see made available on this parents page.